Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Introducing ShiftSpark Candidates for the Presidential Primary

To combat the inevitability and lack of accountability in the Primary, we launched a special site just for that: ShiftSpark Candidates.

ShiftSpark Candidates changes the dynamic of the Primary in three ways:

1. Before, candidates only paid attention to large donors at expensive fundraisers, taking small donors and voters for granted. With ShiftSpark, candidates need to listen and respond to what the people want to earn support.

2. It may look like voters have no real choices and the outcome of the primary is pre-determined. This is because a few candidates have much more name recognition and much more money. This makes it easier for them to raise MORE money. ShiftSpark takes away this advantage. If a candidate doesn't take the position pledgers want, they can fund an opponent who does instead. If that position is popular enough, it can instantly making that opponent a credible challenger.

3. Unlike expensive fundraisers with a few people giving a lot of money, ShiftSpark represents Americans. Money is great but you can't win an election without votes. Only U.S. citizens and residents can donate under Federal law which means a dollar on ShiftSpark is much more than just a dollar.

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