Monday, November 16, 2015

Our First Funded BernSpark Campaign!

Along with ShiftSpark, we also built BernSpark at the request of Bernie grassroots community. On BernSpark, activists can raise money for their creative projects while we give them tips on Federal regulation.

Congratulations to Roger in Westchester NY! His campaign to plaster his community with 10,000 high quality pieces of Bernie let was a total success.

Within a two week timeline Roger was able to surpass his goal and raise over $500  from the BernSpark community to make a difference where he lives.

Here's his story:

My name is Roger from On the recent campaign conference call, in the NY State breakout, I was called on by Robert Reeves to speak because I have organized a large number of events in just 5 weeks. I have a county voter database from the state, which has yielded walk lists, and my IT guy wrote an app that harvests phone numbers. We have all the tools we need to contact all 256k Democrats before paid campaign staff arrives in NY. 
Our volunteers have been printing out our own lit, it gets expensive. I've spent $160 on ink in 5 weeks. I found a union printshop, ALiGraphics in West Harrison NY that will print 10,000 pieces of 4x6 color glossy Bernie lit for $467.08. Non union shops will do the job for $300. Our volunteers have gained a lot of experience over the last month, and deserve professionally designed & printed lit. Our lit is similar to Bronx $ Bernie lit, I have included a photo of the Bronx lit ours will be modeled after.

Congratulations again to Roger, and thank you to him, and all the amazing organizers, doing the grassroots work engaging in democracy!

Want to start a project? Spark you own project, America can't wait!


  1. Thanks BernSpark. Thanks Ben. I'm thinking of future projects and I'll be back.

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